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Ultimate Urban Circulator (U²C)


The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (“JTA” or “The Authority”) is developing a program to modernize and expand the existing Automated Skyway Express (Skyway), a 2.5 mile elevated Automated People Mover (APM)/Monorail system serving eight stations in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The modernization program, is proposed to include replacement of vehicles and operating system, infrastructure conversion and proposed future extensions. The JTA Board has approved the program moving into project development and this request for information is to help gather industry information to move the program forward. JTA anticipates a significant investment in the project which will include deployment of autonomous transit vehicles on the 2.5 mile long existing converted infrastructure within the next five years. JTA is seeking input from potential industry partners to assist with developing the scope of the project and assess various delivery options.
ID# RFI-17-005
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