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Wheelchair Lift Parts


It is the intent of the JTA to establish a contract with a Supplier(s) to provide Lift-U Parts and any related accessories to the JTA for the following lifts: 1. Model LU6-03-03 – Rising Floor Ramp 2. Model LU6-03-07 – Rising Floor Ramp 3. Model LU11-06-01 – Fold-Out Plus 4. Model LU11-06-02 – Fold-Out Plus 5. Model LU11-06-05 – Fold-Out Plus 6. Model LU11-08-03 – Fold-Out Plus 7. Model LU11-08-05 – Fold-Out Plus 8. Model LU18-02-02 – Dual-Mode Ramp 9. Model LU18-02-06 – Dual-Mode Ramp
ID# P-17-021
Category: Equipment & Supplies

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